Flower Photography Workshops

Course of events

We meet in front of the main gate of the "Palmengarten" at the planned start time of the event. I will then keep your Palmengarten admission ticket* ready for you there, so that a long queue is not necessary. The admission ticket cannot be refunded if you arrive too late. Various aspects of photocomposition and photography, especially for close-ups of flowers, will be discussed.

Skill level

All events are open to all photographers who are interested in expanding their photography skills.

Camera required

Best a system- or mirrored reflex camera with interchangeable lenses where the ISO, aperture and shutter speed can be set manually (if you have a camera manual, please bring it with you).

Meeting point

Palmengarten main entrance, Siesmayerstraße 63, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

*Palmengarten Admission

Admission to the Frankfurt Palmengarten is included in the price of the workshop.


Flower (Closeup) Photography

Zoofotografie Zoofotografie Zoofotografie Zoofotografie



This workshop focuses on close-ups of flowers, blossoms and plants. We will discuss which camera settings are important for close-ups and give you tips on how to take sharp photos and how to compose them.

What to bring

Camera, fully loaded battery, empty memory card.
A prime lens between 10 and 50 mm or a zoom lens (max. 200 mm). Best is if the lens has Macro capabilities.
Also, if available magnifying filters and/or Macro Extension Tubes.
A tripod, if you have one a cable- or remote release.


65 €

(*Admission is included in the price of the workshop)