About me

Ralph Lear - Zoo Photography, Author and Coach
Ralph Lear

I was born in 1957, grew up in Oregon, USA and I am now living in Germany.

I discovered my interest in photography at a young age with my first analog SLR camera, a Canon F1. At that time, I expanded ,my knowledge of photography by enrolling in various photography courses where I studied a variety of photography and darkroom techniques.
With the introduction of digital SLR cameras and software post processing techniques my interest grew and developed even further.

As a hobby photographer, I provided a local newspaper with astronomical photographs. Photographing special events such as lunar eclipses. Currently, I provide the "Zoo Frankfurt" with animal photos and photographs of special events.

I am the author of the book "Zoo Photography" which is available in "Amazon".

My photos have been used in publications such as the Zoo Frankfurt's Newsletter (1), "ZOOF Das Magazin aus dem Zoo Frankfurt" (2), the "Journal Frankfurt" (3) where I was awarded first place in the photo contest "Top of Frankfurt" and in the "Stern View Foto Community" (4) where my photo was published as Top Photo of the Day.

(1) Newsletter Zoo Frankfurt 2/2019, 4/2019, 7/2019
(2) ZOOF Das Magazin aus dem Zoo Frankfurt 2/2019
(3) Journal Frankfurt 5/2018
(4) Stern View Foto Community 03/03/2019